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Who Is Heal Your Heart For?

This is for you if

❤️You have a Broken, Blocked or Hurting Heart

❤️You have Unhealed Wounds from Childhood, Loss, Death, or Broken Relationships
❤️You want to END the Cycle of Failed Relationships
❤️You want TRUE love
❤️You intend to Break the Cycle of Pain from Ancestral Trauma
❤️You Desire the Life of Your Deepest Desires


❤️ You’ve been through HEARTBREAK that has brought you to your knees (& you may have met a twin flame) 

❤️ You have noticed painful repeating patterns in your life 

❤️ You are healing from narcissism in your birth family or relationships (I believe this is a sign of ancestral trauma) 

❤️ You have TRAUMAS that you know still want MORE HEALING and are COMMITTED to BREAKING the PATTERNS for yourself and future generations 

❤️ You Know Your Heart is your Power & You Want to Heal It  

❤️ You WANT ABUNDANCE of Joy, Money, and Love! 

❤️ You are 100% Committed to Healing the 7 Generations Before & After You, Being a Part of Building an Incredible New World & Stepping into Your True Power (Your Joy)! 

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The What

In this 7-week Heal Your Heart program You Will Receive:
💖7 weeks (and more than 10 hours) of video lessons filled with valuable, life-changing content 
💖LIFETIME access to all 18 video lessons
💖Pdfs of all lessons so you have access to them anytime
💖Instruction on healing, breathwork, & heart healing techniques
AND RECEIVE These Special Bonuses:
💖Heal Your Heart Meditation 
💖Letting Go Meditation 
💖Special Twin Flame Module 
💖Special Energy Vampire Module 
💖Special Healing Your Chakras Module 
7-Week Self-Study Heal Your Heart sneak peek at the modules:
Module 1, Part 1: Soul Relationships; Part 2, Energy of the Heart; Part 3, Heart Techniques❤️
Module 2, Part 1, Subconscious Patterns, Part 2, You Are the Foundation, Part 3, Techniques to Build Love ❤️
Module 3, Part 1, Healing Vibrations, Part 2, Techniques for Raising Vibes, Part 3, How to Protect Your Energy❤️
Module 4, Part 1, Emotions Are Healing, Part 2, Techniques for Healing Emotions❤️
Module 5, Part 1, Go Up the Mountain Alone, Part 2, Techniques to Get Up That Mountain❤️
Module 6, Part 1, Drop Your Weight (Letting Go), Part 2, Techniques for Letting Go ❤️
Module 7, Part 1, Become Your Whole Powerful Self, Part 2, Techniques for Becoming Your Whole Powerful Self, Part 3, Follow Your Heart’s Calling❤️
Heal Your Heart NOW!
From Claudia:

"There are not really words to describe the countless changes that started coming to my life since l took Bird's Heal Your Heart course.  I lived in cycles of failure for 12 years. l met Bird when l was at the very bottom and there was no more depth to fall for l had reached the Rock bottom. I was completely lost and helpless, so l took the chance and signed up for her course. I can't believe how things started to change to my favor and happiness started to show up at my door. THERE IS LIGHT OUT THERE WAITING FOR YOU... So grateful l am, thank you GOD for leading me to Bird's guidance! Thank you."



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 Special $333! (Regularly $777)


 Bird Mejia Bio:

Bird Mejia’s wisdom around the healing of her heart comes from her personal experience of heartbreak from childhood wounds, a narcissist relationship, divorce, twin flame, soul mates, and the unexpected death of her mother only 35 days after being diagnosed with cancer.

She combines ten years of study of various healing modalities with her graduate work in psychotherapy to assist her clients in healing, ending cycles of generational pain and leading the joyful, love-filled, abundant lives they were born to live.

Bird comes from a lost lineage of curanderas, intuitives and shaman (naguals) from her indigenous Mexican ancestors. She specializes on helping beautiful humans connect with their true self and life purpose and is passionate about helping to heal ancestral trauma that shows up as repeating patterns in our lives and in our family lineages. These patterns can include heartbreak, drama, addiction, depression, toxic or broken relationships, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, anger, grief and disease. Bird has earned two Master’s degrees and is a certified Naam Yogi, a Harmonyum Healing and Gendai Reiki Ho practitioner. She is trained in Chakra Energy Healing and the Ancient Shamanic Energy Medicine of her indigenous ancestors from Mexico. Bird is also a mother, cat whisperer, poet, writer and plant-based cook, and she loves dance, desert nights, loons, cardinals & hummingbirds.

You can find her on IG, FB, YouTube & TikTok and at birdmejia.com.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bird.mejia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/birdmejia/

Birdmejia.com: https://birdmejia.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVzxkzmEo82ecexI7YyeZ-g?view_as=subscriber