Bird Mejia

Shamanic Energy Medicine, Retreat Leader, Shakti Naam Yogi & Mentor

Bird Mejia is an intuitive healer and heart shaman who comes from a lost lineage of curanderas, intuitives and shaman from her indigenous Mexican ancestors. She specializes on healing ancestral trauma that shows up as heartbreak, drama, addiction, depression, toxic or broken relationships, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, anger, grief and disease. Bird is a certified Shakti Naam Yoga instructor, a Harmonyum Healing and Gendai Reiki Ho practitioner. She is trained in Shamanic Energy Medicine, Oracle Card Reading and Chakra Energy Healing, as well as the Ancient Energy Medicine of her indigenous ancestors from Mexico. Bird is also a mother, a kitty momma, a poet, writer and plant-based cook. Bird holds two Master’s degrees and combines her graduate work in psychotherapy with a variety of healing modalities to assist her clients in healing, ending cycles of generational pain and leading the lives they were born to live. She is the creator of the online course Heal Your Heart and Lightworkers University, created to teach and mentor others to heal themselves and heal the 7 generations before and after them.

Bird also loves art, dance, yoga, running, hiking, theater, children, being a mother, desert summer nights, long walks in the woods, hiking to the tops of mountains and taking her shoes off to dance barefoot on ancient stone, trees of all kinds, large bodies of water (especially when it's windy), growing plants, delicious and healthy food, laughter, good conversation, waking up to the sound of rain, and her three favorite birds: loons, cardinals and hummingbirds.

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Krishawn Divine

Life Path Astrology Reader, Divine Vision Guide, Gendai Reiki Ho Master, Medicinal & Spiritual Movement Guide, and Veteran


Krishawn has never resonated with specific titles. She's struggled with what to “call” herself for years now. Through her self-reflection, she's realized that we are Multi-Dimensional Beings and we do Multiple things! So we shouldn’t feel  pressure to limit ourselves to one title or modality. She's discovered the term “New Earth Leader” because she can do ANYTHING she is passionate about under this "title", to aid in creating the New World. She empowers fellow humans to utilize their inner vision & their connection to The Divine to fulfill their Life Path and live the life of their dreams; the life they are meant to be living! This is her passion! She utilizes Life Path Astrology (a Divine Resource) and her expertise in The Law of Attraction/Manifestation. She is a Divine Vision Coach, Life Path Astrologer, Gendai Reiki Ho Master, Spiritual Medicinal & Movement Guide, and Veteran. She graduated from West Point Military Academy in NY with a Bachelor's Degree in Science and majored in Systems Management. She wants to continue to utilize her knowledge, skills, and experience to invite fellow souls to experience greater joy, expansion, connection to Divine Source, higher energy, and new possibilities in their lives.
Her awakening began during the lowest point of her life. Her entire world crumbled and she had no choice but to take back her independence. As her vibration began to rise from her awakening, the parts of her and people in her life that no longer matched, fell out. She had to restart her life from rock bottom and rebuild her foundation. She continued to grow, trusting the Universe, and applied her learnings to creating a better life for herself. She studied under Selene Bartolo, a certified consultant under Bob Proctor and certified coach under one of his #1 consultants, Kathleen Cameron. Her Life has completely changed since dedicating new daily practices in connecting with and putting her trust in The Divine Source, and reprogramming her own limiting beliefs. She has never felt so connected, so supported, and so empowered in her entire life! She wants to help and guide those who are ready to tap into their Full Human Potential and break through barriers that hold them back, so they can fulfill their Life Path and live their fullest and most passionate desires!; a life in co-creation with The Universe and our Divine Creator.
She also loves listening to music, dancing, reading books, adventures in nature, hiking for the beautiful views, laughter, singing along to every song she knows the words to, nostalgic movies, the smell of a desert breeze, travel, shopping, and alone time.

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Instagram: @divinelightandlove_15

TikTok: @krishawn_divine

YouTube: Krishawn Divine - Love Is My Religion



Gabby Rising

Intuitive Guide, Shamanic Healer, Soul Writer, Doula.


Gabby Rising's  soul-searching journey began with a dark night of the soul that commenced about 6 years ago within an abusive, narcissistic relationship. She gained the strength to leave that relationship after the sudden loss of her mother to terminal cancer. Without the man who she had become so fiercely codependent with, and losing the woman who birthed her, loved her, and nurtured her my entire life—she was LOST. Grief has a way of causing us to ask fundamental questions, to re-examine our entire lives and our identities. She did just that.

She has reconnected with abilities that she thought were snuffed out long ago. Today, she is a Level 3 attuned Reiki practitioner, 200 Hour certified Vinyasa yoga teacher, tarot reader and divination enthusiast, a shamanic guide, and birth doula. Through healing my core wounds of abandonment and codependency, she is birthing a new self. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education from the University of Houston and a Master Degree of Public Health in Epidemiology from Texas A&M University, and is currently working at her city’s health department.

Gabby's passions include healing Ethnic family dynamics, writing, supporting fellow Lightworkers, and motherhood. Her family means everything to her. In her free time, she loves to read, watch psychological thriller movies, eat, shop, practice yoga, travel, listen to music, and spend time in nature. There are a myriad of experiences within her medicine bag, and she is honored to share it all with Lightworkers Universe. Love and light to all.


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IG: @gabbyrising & @wherewatermeetsearth

Lymariz Piazza 

Certified Meditation Coach & Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Transformational Coach, Photographer, Artist, & Writer


Lymariz Piazza is certified in Meditation Coaching and teaching and Yoga. She guides people into transforming trauma into heart medicine. She is passionate about healing women’s sexual trauma and mental health.She loves to tap into body wisdom to facilitate the healing process. Lymariz believes that it is more than mindset to cause a transformation, it is a reprogramming of the whole body to achieve full integration of healing and creating your new life.

Her transformation began when her ideal life fell apart. It was at this moment that she realized she could save herself. Everything she had been searching for in others was right within herself. It was during this time that she began to meet her soul family, and her dreams became a reality. Sometimes at our lowest points we find the freedom we have been blind to. She is currently teaching humans to turn inward to find liberation from the conditioning of their lives. 

Lymariz loves art, music, poetry, dancing, nature, books, and her four sons. She loves new adventures and is always looking to expand into the highest version of herself.


Corrie Campbell

Entrepreneur, Self-Actualization / Personal Freedom Coach

Corrie stands out as an impactful coach because he too lived most of his life from a fixed mindset. He accepted a life of limitations, believing that he had no power to change his circumstances. It wasn't until his first son was born that he realized he needed a better life for himself and his family. This led to him desiring more, developing a growth mindset and redefining his limitations. In hindsight, his rock bottom taught him it is possible to change by simply having a strong desire for more. This was the spark that lead to relentless personal development and starting his first business.
Because of this, his clients feel inspired to rise beyond their circumstances and consciously create a life they can be fulfilled by. They learn how to break out of the beliefs that imprisoned them for years and move towards the desired future of their choosing. They are empowered to make a way out of no way because they now recognize the powerful source within them.

You can find him on IG and TikTok

Instagram: @iamcorriecampbell

TikTok: @corriecampbell

Selene Bartolo

Transformational Life Coach, Manifesting Money Specialist, & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach  ("Health, Wealth, & Happiness Coach")

Selene is a transformational life coach. She helps her clients realize their true potential and helps them breakthrough barriers that holds them back in order to live a fulfilled life. She is a certified consultant under Bob Proctor and certified coach under one of his #1 consultants Kathleen Cameron. Kathleen has earned millions of dollars helping people live a purpose driven life. Selene wrote a book called. “Live Your Best Life: How to go from Surviving to Thriving After Abuse.” Selene retired from her Vice President position at Bank of America after 23 years of service. She led many departments in credit card, mortgage and financial centers across the country. She has now harnessed her skills and leadership into her coaching business called iTransform Academy. She holds a Bachelor's and Masters degree in business administration from Benedictine University.

            After a life of abusive relationships and two narcistic marriages, she dove deep with the help of Bird Mejia to understand the root cause of her issues. She was able to heal the trauma bonds and release herself to her true calling and passion in life… help other women who are in the same situation she was, to go from surviving abuse to living a life full of love, peace, and happiness. Her focus is to help her clients live a healthy life mentality, spiritually and physically and to live a life of abundance in all things including finances.

            Selene enjoys traveling the world taking photographs. Countries she has visited include France, Thailand, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and most recently Colombia. She also loves the arts of: painting, singing, dancing and writing. If she is not working on her business or her self-development, you will her doing something she loves.

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Instagram: @selenelifecoach AND @selene_lifecoach

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"Live Your Best Life" Book found at

"Prandhara Prem" Renee Adolphe

Energy Healer, Meditation Facilitator, Organizer, Tantric Therapist, Sex and Relationship Coach, Rebirther, Spiritual Woman, Teacher + Eternal Student


Renee is also known as Prandhara Prem which is her Sannyas through Tantra initiation and means to go with the flow of love and life. Prandhara is the founder and CEO of Prandhara Prem Therapies. She believes we have the abilities to manifest all of our desires. She feels most comfortable in nature, and her life’s philosophy is anchored in the understanding that we are all connected. Tantra embodies Prandhara’s vision and helps others to feel this connection. Prandhara is an Energy Healer, Meditation Facilitator, Organizer, Tantric Therapist, Sex and Relationship Coach, Rebirther, Spiritual Woman, Teacher + Eternal Student.

Prandhara’s mission is to travel the world teaching women to heal themselves and how to connect to their innate power. She has been featured in countless publications and television around the world, including Lifetime’s Married at First Sight as the Tantric Couples Therapist, Soledad O’Brien Black Rome Salvador on Fox News, XoNecole, Mind Body Green, Corset Magazine, UOL, and The Griot. Prandhara has been on multiple radio stations, and podcasts including WomenSpeak by Grace Lynis, the Cinnamon Traveler on WRFG Atlanta FM 89.3 and online at She was also featured on Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien on Fox news.

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Instagram: @prandharaprem_tantra


"Sound and the Messenger" John Hatanaka

Spiritual Musician, Level III Gendai Reiki Practitioner, Japanese Instructor, Massage Therapist


John Hatanaka has held a passion for performing songs for diverse audiences both international and local ever since he discovered a guitar under his father’s bed at the age of ten. Additionally, he has loved the journey of both teaching Japanese to intellectual aficionados  and practicing as a licensed massage therapist in a high end spa. It was a path he found himself in upon his return to the U.S in early 2013 after having lived in Northern Japan for four years. What has resulted is a conglomeration of gifts that seem to be both timely and pertinent to a new age of spiritual understanding. His latest project has been a process of weaving it all together, standing back and observing the therapeutic process of songwriting. Learning and realizing how the blueprint of storytelling and music could act as a catalyst, eloquently able to flip the script on the common human experience of trauma. Lately, he has been delving into his own songwriter’s approach as a means to help clients come to new artistic understanding of different events in their lives. Teaching, leading meditation, and peering into his own ancestral roots of Reiki has recently allowed him to dive into this process further and dig into the conscious awareness of inner and outer understanding.

The path of meditation and spirituality arose in quite an organic fashion as John was able to sink into the the quiet calm of a lake at five in the morning while growing up in the high rockies of Colorado. Following in his father’s footsteps he entered into karate at age 10 and thus was introduced to meditation in practice. The tools that he learned there would help him find moments of calm while navigating the sometimes turbulent waters that he would encounter in middle school and later on in high school. Yet the practice would not deepen and expand until he stumbled upon the the Art Of Living Foundation in his sophomore year of college. It was there that a new depth of spiritual realization was acquired. After a week of classes, digging deep into different perceptions and learning new breath practices, he was left with deeper sensitivity of life’s workings. At first this path hit him hard. More and more he craved silence as he was able to tour in Australia in late 2009 and then his journey would take him to Japan. Eventually he would visit India and take a course under the now newly named One World Academy. He observed how his vocation has increasingly weaved with the spiritual path that follows next to him, creating stories, creating adventures. He loves to share.

The outdoors have always been and always will be his playground, his tapestry and thus he only holds an increasing amount of Divine love and sacredness with the lands as time proceeds and changes. Early on he was an endurance athlete. There was cross-country running in the fall, Nordic skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer. In all these he competed. In all of them he could sum up with the phrase “The Discipline That Drives Me”, a paper he wrote in high-school that he continues to contemplate and ruminate over as he navigates the roads that he drives. Travel is his next love, fueled by music or is it the other way around? Either way both of these things found him early and he uses both to learn and expand. He continues to share.

You can find him on IG & Youtube

Instagram: @soundandthemessenger


"Indigo Sky" Michele Ziegler

Psychic/Medium, Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, and Creative Healing Coach


Indigo Sky (aka Michele M. Ziegler) is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Instant Miracle Healer, Psychic/Medium and Creative Healing Coach.  Her life purpose is to serve others and remind them of their own beautiful light and inspire them to speak their truth.

Indigo's gifts opened when she began Massage Therapy school at 38 years old. Since her awakening she continues to learn, grow and follow inspired action to become the best version of herself.  She partners with individuals who are ready to step forward and embrace their power to heal themselves and take back control of their lives. Allowing them to empower themselves as they move forward in their spiritual journey and achieve their personal goals in their life and relationships. She celebrates those looking for a deeper connection to both themselves and their Creator.

She loves grounding to Mother Earth by walking barefoot in the grass and touching the trees. She laughs, dances and sings as much as she possibly can. She enjoys doing puzzles, word searches and watching movies. She loves food however she hates to cook!  


You can find her on FB and IG

Facebook: Michele Ziegler

Instagram: @micheleziegler444



Missy Moreno

Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, RScP


Missy helps women who are finding it hard to attract a good man. Who feel tired just thinking about dating. Who are ready for more love in their lives. She helps women call in a TRUE ONE, a TRUE LOVE using spiritual, physical, mindset and energetic healing tools.
Loss and grief have been her biggest teachers. Healing from the loss of mom, dad and then divorce amplified her spiritual life. She dedicated herself to healing mentally, physically and emotionally. Meditation has been key for her and seeking the sacred through out the world. Connecting and sharing this with other humans is everything to her. She loves meeting people where they’re at and helping them expand from there into their greater yet to be self, their truest empowered self.
She's all about everything health and wellness. Self-expression through music, dance, writing and entrepreneurship is what lights her up.

You can find her on IG

Instagram: @coachmissymoreno


Intuitive Healer, Reiki Practitioner/Angel Reiki, Chakra Energy Healer, Shamanic Sound Healer, Medicinal Movement Guide, Writer, & Grid Worker


Katrina is an intuitive healer who has from childhood been described as having "been here before" and referred to by peers as a cosmic word weaver who holds ancient natural shamanic wisdom. Life experience and a life altering encounter with her ancestors propelled her further into this pathway in honour of them, herself and as a contribution to the collective. 
She is passionate about the time of awakening we are all living through as individuals and humanity as a whole. 
She is a certified level 1 and 2 reiki healer and soul guide who uses heart source energy to love people to life! 
In honour of her indigenous roots and ancestral guidance, Katrina closely follows and teaches on the importance of reverence for the planet and all it bestows, working with the elements to aid healing and honouring the cycle and seasons of life.  She specializes in inner child healing, ancestral trauma healing, embodiment of your true essence, overcoming heartbreak from relationships, medicinal movement and conscious parenting. In her work she evokes all of the senses by incorporating sound, sight, touch, taste, smell and the lesser known senses to activate your innate powers. 
In addition to her Reiki certification and chakra energy healing, she is training in Shamanic healing using sound, including drums and flutes to be used in ceremony alongside her singing. Katrina is also studying for a diploma in Angel Reiki. 
Having close connection to her South American roots Katrina works with and teaches on the wonders of Ceremonial grade cacao- and other plants that compliment your healing journey.  As a writer, Katrina is intrigued by the power of etymology and the use of works for healing and manifestation and often uses guided journaling in her healing work with clients, to enable them to express the truth of their soul. She also has an interest and connection to the energy of the earth grid, often guided to sacred sites, and is expanding her knowledge and work in this area. Katrina is also embarking on a diploma in Astrology to deepen her existing knowledge to help clients have a better innerstanding of their journey and to navigate certain instances with foresight. Her clients have shared amazing testimonials of huge trauma release, deep trust and relaxation, womb healing and activation to step into a new way of being that aligns with their soul purpose.  
As her journey continues to unfurl, Katrina has revelations that guide the way and she is in awe of and enjoying following the divinely guided signs. 
Her hobbies include travel, performing arts, connecting with new people, music, history and mythology. She likes to spend a lot of time in nature and incorporates that as a non-negotiable part of every day! She is a mother and wants to empower her children to follow their souls calling by being an example of living hers.

You can find her on IG

Instagram: @theunrefinedsoulscribe


Erika Sardinha

Abuse Survivors Coach, Kemetic Yoga Practitioner, & Blogger


Erika is a healing and wellness coach for women, established in the beautiful Canary Islands. She is also a dedicated yoga teacher and a blogger. She is a supporter of victims of violence that dedicates her life to creating awareness on the topic and helping victims navigate their healing journey through coaching, yoga and meditation sessions, healing circles, and her writings. 
Born in Angola, Erika immigrated to Portugal at seven years old. Estranged from her father, she considered her step-father the father figure missing in her life. Unfortunately, that figure was the one who abused her shortly after their arrival. She later found out that her story was one of the millions of women and men who suffered sexual violence in their childhood. 
After years of suffering and repeating patterns of dysfunction, Erika decided that she was not going to spend the rest of her life in misery for something that she did not do. 
By then, she had nothing. Her boyfriend at the time left her, and she was broke and broken. But there were only two options for her: to change or stay the same. She had enough of the same, so that's where the healing journey began: She dived into personal growth, yoga, and meditation and later became a certified coach not long after going to India to learn more about the roots of yoga.
After witnessing the tremendous change in her, she could not help but share it with other victims of violence. Yes, we are not alone, yes we can heal and live a life full of joy, love, and purpose!
As a good Gemini, Erika loves doing a bunch of different things, from spending long hours contemplating silence to filling time with long deep, mindful conversations. She is a mother of a one-eyed dog called Boni, whom she completely adores, and loves spending quality time with her loving life partner. 

You can find her at her Website and IG


Instagram: @erikashealingspace



Tre Decker

Motivational Speaker, Podcaster, Coach, & Intuitive Healer


Herbert Decker III aka “Tre” is a Motivational Speaker, Podcaster, Coach, and Intuitive Healer. Highly regarded as a gifted interpersonal soul, he has the uncanny ability to tap into his clients' infinite potential and train them to unleash their inner "Unstoppable Force". Born and raised in Los Angeles, California Tre’s life was an uneasy one. His parents separated at a young age due to his mother’s drug abuse, resulting in his father gaining full custody of him. His life took a turn for the worst when his father passed away, becoming lost and depressed in his time of grievance.

 A turning point in his life gave Tre a glimmer of hope when he was invited to a spiritual service. Inspired by the powerful promise of salvation, he began making gradual changes that positively impacted his health and well-being. Eventually he met a mentor who prophesized he would one day speak to an audience, share his life story, and inspire them to believe they can be, do, and have anything they wanted as nothing was out of reach. This gave Tre the courage to find his passion for speaking, healing, and coaching others.

For Tre life is not just a journey it is an adventure to seek, learn, and apply. To keep balance Tre enjoys spending time outdoors, going for hikes, the beach, meditation, jeep trails, eating good food, farmers markets, and learning something new about the universe.


You can find Tre on IG, FB, TikTok, Youtube, Podcast, and Internet Radio

IG: @trenityvibes & @coach_heal_motivate

TikTok: @coachhealmotivate

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Youtube: HD3CoachHealMotivatePodcast


Internet Radio: Fridays at 9pm Arizona Time